Solitaire vr 1.1 (Volume 1)

This is all about the Story Mode version of the game.

A more indepth look at our Solitaire rules, if you've watched the above movie or read the pdf of the demo, this is the next logical step.

Rules for Standard Game Formats

We will provide the most up to date rulesets here (their version release dates posted with them). The documents are available in full colour ready for 3-hole-ring-punch. Each volume is approximately 3-4 pages and only provides a ruleset for the format that it corresponds to. The main ruleset and overview are available in Introduction volume as a pdf. The Introduction volume contains the information found in the Player's Guide that comes with the starter. Between versions, we will utilize the Errata, Clarifications and FAQs found in the links provided to keep players as up-to-date as possible.

Our recommendation is to print the last 3 pages of the INTRODUCTION volume for the ATTRIBUTES and keep it at the back or front of your binder for easy access if you do not have the Player's Guide handy. The first 2 pages of each volume are the most graphics heavy. If you like the flavour provided please feel free to print the extras for use with your Dungeon Crawler ECG game.

Our reasons to put these documents online was many fold; to keep the main starter rulebook as an introductory primer for beginners, to keep packaging and introductory rules light, to keep each format easily identifiable, and to keep the formats as up-to-date as possible in one easy to find location (online). As we expect the game to grow we anticipate running updates to the rules no earlier than 3 months apart and on an average of 6 months apart.

VOL 2 - COMPETITIVE (2 Players)

vr 1.0 | July 1st, 2010

VOL 3 - CO-OPERATIVE (2-4 Players)

vr 1.0 | July 1st, 2010

VOL 4 - MULTI-PLAYER (3-6 Players)

vr 1.0 | July 1st, 2010