Ice Dwarf Paladin
Female heavy armor carrying a hammer
01 | Rare
By: gvn
Highest Potential
Confident warriors coming upon a target
02 | Rare
By: gvn
Charcoal and Paper
Tools for drawings and notes
03 | Uncommon
By: gvn
Elixir of Healing
Crystal decanter with red liquid
04 | Infrequent
By: gvn
Gems and jewels
05 | Rare
By: gvn
Long pole weapon
06 | Common
By: gvn
Warlock casting spell
07 | Common
By: gvn
A cleric in a graveyard
08 | Uncommon
By: gvn
Lightning Bolt
Wizard casting a stream of lightning
09 | Infrequent
By: gvn
Summon Fire Elemental
A fiery form raging down a street
10 | Rare
By: gvn
Adrenaline Rush
A panicked warrior rushing through a forest
11 | Uncommon
By: gvn
I Work Better Alone
Man wandering on his own
12 | Rare
By: gvn
Locked Combat
Face off between a wizard and giant
13 | Common
By: gvn
Rampant Fury
Warrior raging, rushing in to battle
14 | Infrequent
By: gvn
Warriors jumping in to action
15 | Common
By: gvn
Precise Planning
Warriors rushing in to action
16 | Uncommon
By: gvn
Relentless Barrage
Warriors surrounding another warrior
17 | Rare
By: gvn
Words of Wisdom
Wise old man talking to a child
18 | Infrequent
By: gvn
Arcane Fire Ant
Fire breathing ant
19 | Infrequent
By: gvn
Hobgoblin Mercenary
Tattered clothed shadow entity
20 | Common
By: gvn
Ibrazhoul, Minotaur Warlock
Pale female minotaur warlock
21 | Rare
By: gvn
Infernal Shadow Elf
Elf with shadowy demonic undertones
22 | Uncommon
By: gvn
Large Flesh Golem
Constructed multi-source monstrosity
23 | Uncommon
By: gvn
Minotaur Warrior
Muscular Minotaur in armor
24 | Common
By: gvn
Minotaur Zombie
Rotting Minotaur
25 | Infrequent
By: gvn
War Overlord Demon
Fiery red demon
26 | Rare
By: gvn
Assassin's Guild
Group of shadowy figures
27 | Uncommon
By: gvn
Cursed Possessions
Animated Painting
28 | Infrequent
By: gvn
Ibrazhoul's Arena
Underground labrynthine battlfield
29 | Uncommon
By: gvn
Lava Gout
Splashing molten lava
30 | Common
By: gvn
Sacrificial Altar
An altar in a temple
31 | Rare
By: gvn
Moving Spiked Wall
Spiked walls closing in on a victim
32 | Rare
By: gvn
Resetting Traps
Surprised lady watching something
33 | Common
By: gvn
Secret Door
Lady coming out from behind a stone wall
34 | Infrequent
By: gvn
Gold Dwarf Priest
Old dwarf in robes
1 | Promo
By: gvn
Ice Dwarf Paladin
Dwarven warrior in full plate
2 | Promo
By: gvn
Keldornan Pyromancer
Young lady in a dress
3 | Promo
By: gvn
Lumarii Thief
Woman in bright clothes
4 | Promo
By: gvn
Stranger on the Road
Figure on a path in the forest
5 | Promo
By: gvn
Adult Amethyst Dragon
Heavily armoured dragon
6 | Promo
By: gvn
Flaming skeleton
7 | Promo
By: gvn
Underworld Garden
Underground cavern with glowing mushrooms
8 | Promo
By: gvn