Product Path for 2024

Our expandable card game (ECG) is about to get a huge influx of expansions, starting with a 90 card expansion pack Icecrest in March 2024, then Underworld, an 120 card odyssy pack The Sea Dog, and a 8 part 480 card campaign pack The Black Wall. There were more planned, but they were not as far in deveopment as these products. However, going to print comes with a few compromises. The promo cards included are essentially just bonus cards, there is nothing special required to claim them.

Icecrest (Released March, 2024)

Firstly, we'll be using AI generated artwork that is going to be edited by GVN, as the software is terrible, but gives us a good base to work from. We agree that those teaching the software should pay rates out to the artists they take art samples from. We are also editing every piece as the software is terrible. The ECG is dead in the water, as our sales cannot support finishing new projects. So, our reasoning for using AI output is that while each set costs more to make (around $8k for 40 images) than it earns (we sell around 100 decks), I had designed several sets in advance that I would like to release to our stalwart fans and it's a personal goal to at least complete my planned releases for them.

Secondly, we'll be opening purchases on DriveThruCards, so you will be supporting a USA print business directly.

Finally, we will consider making an Alternate Set of all of the above decks after the very last release for those that like having the limited run collectable option available, and want to buy it all at once.

Underworld (Planned Release May, 2024)

Expansion Pack 4 is centered around the Underworld, which is the underground lair of the deep folk such as Orcs, Minotaurs, Dwarves and Dark Elves. Ibrazhoul is a Minotaur Warlock that rules a soul crushing labyrinthine area deep in the recesses of the darkest corners. The Minotaur society there feasts on the weak, serves the darkness, and only a few have managed to escape before succumbing to its madness. This pack will include 82 cards and 8 promos.

The Sea Dog (Planned Release July/August, 2024)

This is our first Odyssey Pack which is centered around life aboard a Merchant Ship named the Sea Dog that your crew of four new sea fairing adventurers needs to keep afloat. Face off against sea creatures, explore forgotten islands, and encounter other ships on the high seas. This pack will include 108 cards and 12 promos.

The Black Wall (Planned Releases Beginning August/September, 2024)

Originally planned as "booster set", this has been separated in to 8 smaller decks. This is our first Campaign Series which will have 8 Packs as a set centered around the mysterious Black Wall that blocks passage south from Keldorn. Face off against the dark forces within, and even against the three deadly Dreadland Champions; The Whisperer, Ashvarii, and Vorlat. These packs will include 55 cards each and 5 promos for a grand total of 480 new cards. The Packs in order will be: Shadow Hold, Gul Matok, Shadow Spear, Zhira, Shadow Spiral, Noszrath, Shadow Tier, and Sorrowheart.

Future Projects

Another 4 Expansions, Scenario Pack, and Odyssey Pack were pencilled in, but not developed to finish the first cycle, before we were going to look at a restart if we got that far. We did not. If things improve we may be inclined to pursue these titles as well, but as of now they are just a concept; Ghrimorha (expansion 5), Iron Door (expansion 6), Scenario Packs 2, The Mystic Tower (expansion 7), Sandsalt (expansion 8), The Prince of Sands (odyssey 2).

Ultimately, we thank you for your support over the years and hope you've enjoyed DC ECG as much as we've enjoyed creating it for you, and that you enjoy the upcoming releases.

Sincerely, Jey Legarie of GVN.