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"While in a crowded genre, this game is unique. It is designed to be an excellent solitaire experience. Throw in an equally excellent co-operative and competitive variant, and you have a great, great game. With the addition of tutorial videos on the website explaining the game combined with its amazing price point, this is a must-buy for any fan of the genre." 8.5/10

- Chad Smith
December 10th, 2011


"I gotta be honest, I actually kind of enjoyed the game. I am not one for solo games, but after learning it and getting through the game - and honestly winning my first game, which really surprised me - I enjoyed myself that I sat down and played another game - and I liked that one too."

- Ryan Metzler
September 30th, 2011


"Dungeon Crawler is a lot like Magic the Gathering meets Diablo. All the action is done with cards and counters (Magic style), but the game is a crawl through a randomized dungeon complete with a “boss” monster. Since you build the dungeon deck, you know what to expect (like each time you go into a Diablo dungeon), but you don’t know when the different creatures (which range from yard trash to the nasty boss), events, traps, or terrain will come up. And you don’t know what combinations of cards you’ll encounter. That keeps it fresh."

- Todd "Winin" Edwards
August 4th, 2011


"I am a huge fan of role playing games (RPG) for the same reason I am a huge fan of Dungeon Crawler. Both RPGs and Dungeon Crawler provide me a wonderful story, a mental challenge, excitement, and a medium in which I can customize and personalize my own game experience. Dungeon Crawler delivers on so many fronts it is hard to champion any one specific portion of it without quickly backtracking and gushing about another aspect of the game. Admittedly, I and my little geeks, have fallen head over heels for this game as my little geeks and I love playing, discussing the monsters, building adventures, and adjusting them over and over again until we get the best experience possible. It provides so much for so little, I am constantly amazed as how well it all works out."

- Cyrus
June 20th, 2011


"There are some very innovative ways that cards come into play and a lot of monster, trap and terrain abilities. There is a learning curve here, but it isn’t too steep. Some repetition will go a long way to helping you learn this game."

- Jason
June 4th, 2011



"Dungeon Crawler, the CCG of fantasy adventure, has gotten a lot of attention thanks to its original design mechanics which allow for solitaire or multi-player gaming that can be cooperative or competitive. Creating such a versatile game system was certainly not an easy task, so I pestered Dungeon Crawler's creator Jey Legarie of Gifted Vision to chat with us about what went into such an ambitious project."

- John Fiore
April 6th, 2011



"As a serious gamer (take a look at my extensive collection on the Geek) I highly recommend this game. There is nothing else quite like it currently out there. It is a great solitaire game, not just a game with a solitaire variant."

- Swampfox01
March 10th, 2011



"Solitaire-friendly CCG Dungeon Crawler’s debut set, Unbound, comes in a wonderful starter set with all the fixings. Have a gamer on your Christmas shopping list? A game they can play right away without having to rope friends into buying a bunch of packs seems like a good bet."

- Ed Grabianowski
November 25th, 2010



"It's a video about the CCG Dungeon Crawler. It's in english, even if I'm french native... so please don't be rude on me!!! It'll show you some of the basics of the game :-)."

- Cigal
November 8th, 2010



"This game is awesome; I really love the way that plays. It has the best aspects of a dungeon crawler and a collectible card game. The game is really easy to pick up and really isn't that expensive to get into."

- Lindsey Nixon
October 22nd, 2010



"Following the Company for a few months, I wanted to find out why their debut was so difficult. Jey Legarie, creator of Dungeon Crawler, was graciously willing to give me some answers."

- Billy Bolt
October 17th, 2010



"One of the new hotness at GenCon 2010." - we're the first interview aaand apparently I have an accent.

Minor correction to the interview, booster boxes are $75 not $60 (my bad, I don't interview well).

- Craig Gallant
August 10th, 2010



"Moving Search is something they teach adventurers at pre-season rookie camp. If you don’t know how to find and negate traps, you won’t last long in any dungeon."

- Ed Grabionowski
May 10th, 2010



"Jungle Troglodyte is a character, one of the villainous creatures you might meet as you wander the dungeon corridors. It only contributes one point toward the encounter limit, so he’ll probably have some friends along."

- Ed Grabionowski
May 3rd, 2010



"Dungeon Crawler is a new, independent collectible card game that can be played solitaire or against a friend. It won’t be out for a few months, but Robot Viking got an excellent preview of this fun, fast-paced game of dungeon exploration."

- Ed Grabionowski
April 20th, 2010


TCGPLAYER.COM (Trading Card Game Player) - PREVIEW 2

"In our last preview, you met the Dungeon Crawler poster child, as well as two other cards that support Greenknee when used in the accompanying Dungeon deck. We also showed you the contents of the starter pack. This week we are going to cover counter cards for dealing with Greenknee."

- Trading Card Game Player
March 8th, 2010


TCGPLAYER.COM (Trading Card Game Player) - PREVIEW 1

"As a proud unique member of exclusive rares, Greenkee can become an intimidating reminder of what lurks in the dungeon's keep. As a magic wielding, hero stomping, death summoning, cutthroat villain that does not discriminate between friend or foe, I urge you to beware. This character can be easily underestimated."

- Trading Card Game Player
March 1st, 2010